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2006/07 Reports:
Uís v Horsham (15/07/06)

Final score: 2-2

Team: A Parkinson, S Broad (R Palmer), L Gonsalves (E Akuamoah), J Scarborough, B Taylor, M Gordon
(N Lampton), M Gray (S Clayton), P Fear, S Douglas (S Rivers), L Coleman (G Boosey), M Johnson (Z Graham).
Other Subs (used): R Blackwell.

Goals: Broad (13), Douglas (29)

Horsham: G Williams (E Pudaloff), J Cant (M Zydonik), O Botting (C Rook), E French (K Johnson), T Graves
(L Saxby), A Walker, L Carney, C Cooke (A Howard), J Taylor, M Geard, N Brake.

Goals: Rook (61), Graves (71)

Flash skips between two Horsham defenders

Peter Fear whips in a free kick...

Steve Broad smartly flicks the ball in off the far post

Lewis Gonsalves evades a sliding tackle

Steve Douglas scores the U's second

Horsham bundle in the ball at the back post

Andy Parkinson can't recover from his initial fumble to stop a Horsham player following up

Horsham's no.10 blocks Sam Clayton's cross with his hands
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Uís v Carshalton (18/07/06)

Final score: 1-3

Team: R Barnard, R Palmer, L Gonsalves, P Fear (M Gordon), J Scarborough (B Taylor), R Crockford (G Boosey),
M Gray, N Lampton (R Blackwell), S Douglas (Z Graham), E Akuamoah (L Coleman), M Johnson.

Goals: Coleman (89)

Carshalton: P Seauke, C Hartburn, D Boxall (B Raynor), D Graves, J Cartledge (R O'Connor), M Hawthorne
(T Morelican), D Platel (T Quinton), R Kember (B Hooper), L Fontana, G Dundas (L Hamici), M Marshall (T Carter).
Subs (not used): L Naughton.

Goals: Fontana (75, 85), Harper (77)

Steve Douglas is denied a chance

A great tackle by Matt Gray

Peter Fear sends in a cross

A Carshalton defender does just enough to put Neil Lampton off

Michael Johnson starts another run

Richie Barnard claims a cross

A Robins' defender tries to remove Steve Douglas' shirt

Zak Graham heads at goal
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Uís v Whyteleafe (22/07/06)

Final score: 1-0

Team: D Coote, L Gonsalves (R Palmer), T Jinadu, P Fear (P Honey), J Scarborough, R Crockford, M Gray, N Lampton (M Gordon), E Akuamoah (Z Graham), R Harris, M Johnson.

Goals: Harris (21)

Whyteleafe: ?

Goals: -

Whyteleafe's keeper did well to stop this
Matt Gray effort

The 3rd 'keeper in as many friendlies claims
an awkward cross

Neil Lampton bursts into the 'Leafe box
and pulls the ball back...

For Richard Harris to volley home

Eddie tries to get past a defender

Zak Graham connects with a corner and loops
the ball goalwards...

Only to have it cleared off (or from behind?) the line

Paul Honey strikes, only to have his goal disallowed
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Uís v Fulham XI (26/07/06)

Final score: 1-1

Team: P Wilson (A Parkinson), R Palmer (E Akuamoah), L Gonsalves, R Crockford (P Honey), J Scarborough,
N Lampton (T Jinadu), M Gray, M Gordon (P Fear), R Harris, L Yiga (Z Graham), M Johnson (G Boosey)

Goals: Graham (82)

Fulham: ?

Goals: Ehui (73)

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Uís v Worthing (29/07/06)

Final score: 3-1

Team: P Wilson (A Parkinson), R Palmer, L Gonsalves, N Lampton, J Scarborough, P Honey, M Gray (P Fear),
M Gordon, R Harris (Z Graham), L Yiga (S Douglas), M Johnson (E Akuamoah)

Goals: Gordon, Douglas, Lampton

Worthing: ?

Goals: Payne

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Uís v Bracknell (01/08/06)

Final score: 3-1

Team: P Wilson, R Palmer, L Gonsalves, P Fear (P Honey), J Scarborough, R Crockford (G Boosey), N Lampton (M Gray), M Gordon, S Douglas (Z Graham), R Harris, E Akuamoah (M Johnson)

Goals: Crockford (68), Harris (74), Scarborough (75)

Worthing: S McCarthy, J Oldham, P Drage, D Hayward, N Baker, I Savage, K Day, J McClurg, M Anderson, E Hutchings, G Lewis. Subs (all used): D Fenton, M Buck, N Selby, G Sargeant.

Goals: Hutchings (4)

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Uís v Leatherhead (05/08/06)

Final score: 5-1

Sutton put the icing on their pre-season friendlies with an emphatic win over the Tanners. Initially the U's went a goal behind after Lewis Gonsalves conceded a first half penalty. The yellows stepped it up a gear in the second half and two quick goals from Zak Graham and John Scarborough put the U's in the lead. An acrobatic effort form Douglas made it three, this was then added to by Boosey and rounded off with Steve's second.

Team: P Wilson, L Gonsalves, R Palmer, P Honey, J Scarborough, M Gray, N Lampton, M Gordon, R Harris, C Gibbs, M Johnson. Subs (all used): P Fear, E Akuamoah, R Crockford, S Douglas, G Boosey, Z Graham.

Goals: Graham, Scarborough, Douglas 2, Boosey

Leatherhead: ?

Goals: ? 1(pen)

Leatherhead go one up from the spot

Scooby's strike is parried into the path of Zak Graham
who calmly slotted home

Scarbs pops up in the box again to shin the ball home

Steve Douglas shapes up for a shot...

And unleashes an acrobatic finish

Glenn Boosey looks to strike at goal...

And finds the bottom corner

Douglas beats Paul Sears to the ball and flicks it
past the 'keeper to make it five
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